C3i will be a Canada’s premiere entity for cancer immunotherapies as part of a global strategy aimed at winning the war against cancer. C3i will implement or offer to the industry or the academia, a unique continuum from discovery to late stage clinical testing, along with the principles of a “One Stop Shop”, towards the following objectives:

  1. Provide an efficient, integrated entity aimed at the development of CI that will be competitive on the global market.
  2. Optimize the time and cost of development of technologies related to CI through (i) novel technologies that will reduce cost of cellular production, (ii) using or offering multicentric network oriented deployment of clinical trials, and (iii) applying Lean Management principles to all relevant processes and/or activities.
  3. Maximise the chances of success of development – and eventual commercialization – of technologies in the field of CI by (i) optimizing the selection of candidate products through the development of a novel in vivo preclinical method to evaluate the comparative efficacy of different treatments or combinations thereof in different cancer types relevant to CI, (ii) the integration of medical key opinion leaders from the beginning of, and throughout the process, and (iii) the early identification of potential reimbursement hurdles with real lifedata.
  4. Extend and expand Canadian-based research in CI by initiating national developments as well as providing expertise and a cost-effective infrastructure that will be competitive on the global scene.